summer project


Based on a year of development at MMU and my underlining love for the bizarre and obscure that unfolded and evolved throughout years of photographing, I focused on the theme of experimental, abstract, surrealist and camera-less photography (photograms, lumen prints, cliche verre etc), as well as techniques utilised within these genres; double/multi-exposure, solarisation, overlaying negatives, superimposing and many more.


391 explores Sigmund Freud’s theory of the unconscious according to which contradictory ideas coexist side by side. Furthermore, they do not have degrees of certainty in the same way that conscious concepts do, for that reason, Ela Skorska considers it to be a gateway to the most unadulterated form of expression. Profoundly influenced by surrealism, futurism, abstract and Dada movement, Ela experiments with techniques and compositions to draw with light and mirror the creations of her subconscious mind onto photographic paper. Motivated by the notion of infinite interpretations inextricable to abstract art, Ela seeks to captivate and liberate the viewer by unlocking the cognisance to representations and mesmerise by blending the line between photography and painting. Significantly influenced by geometry ubiquitous in all art forms, she investigates the fascinating symbiosis between it, the abstract, and the mind. Accidental abstract photography created by French engineer and physicist Antoine-Henri Becquerel was an immense source of inspiration. It led Ela to explorations with the chance, which inspired her methods of work, from flâneur chasing the light to short photographic sessions in a small, designated area, Ela discovered not just entirely new ways of work but herself. Equally, the aesthetics of Czechoslovakian avant-garde artist Jaroslav Rossler, surrealists Dora Maar and Maurice Tabard had a crucial influence on Ela’s perception, deepened her understanding of light, and gave her a unique vision, which she manifests in this exhibition.


I was a silent witness to the world’s beauty that was brought to life by the illumination of light. I have found the voice to speak to you about the exquisiteness I am experiencing, and I hope that equipped with it, I can draw with light the magnitude of this world so we can recognize and awe in it together.

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