Marks of the past

Walking through my current home town New Mills, I noticed an empty building. Golden hour was upon us, and the soft sunlight characteristic to this time of the day was reflecting wonderfully in the window, emphasizing the contours of the poster that was once there.Old folders in the corner of the window, covered in dust,Continue reading “Marks of the past”

Welcome to the photgram world

After an examination of ideas and space, I found an Ilford photographic paper in the cupboard.During my video call with the tutor, I spoke about some concepts and showed him the photographic paper that I discovered. Alan introduced me to the notion of photograms, and I found it incredibly appealing. I don’t have chemicals toContinue reading “Welcome to the photgram world”

You can always count on books

It was merely sheer luck. When I was analyzing and pondering about the project of ”Marks and Traces”, I found an antique dictionary from 1894 that my partner picked up in a charity shop.On a second page, to my astonishment, I found a perfect imprint for the assignment. Throughout 126 years, a delicate reflection ofContinue reading “You can always count on books”

Unlock your potential

One of the first ideas that came to my attention when evaluating the ‘Marks and Traces’ project is the unlock code on phones. The omnipresent device of our times, the inseparable. We are so firmly attached, so protective of them, yet it’s not actually that difficult for anyone to gain access.What makes you think thatContinue reading “Unlock your potential”

Conceptualizing for project ‘Marks and traces, presence and absence’

It is just getting more and more engaging. I spent some time conceptualizing the project, focusing on thinking outside the box. Nonetheless, it is hard not to see the obvious right in front of you. I strive for originality, as I imagine any artist does, but this made me think. There must be some magicContinue reading “Conceptualizing for project ‘Marks and traces, presence and absence’”


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