Multi/double exposure research and double exposure portrait photoshoot

Multiple exposures is a technique in which the camera shutter is opened more than once to expose the film many times, usually to different images. The resulting picture contains the subsequent image/s superimposed over the original. I was extremely excited upon discovering this technique during other photographic research. Immediately drawn to it, I began toContinue reading “Multi/double exposure research and double exposure portrait photoshoot”


Research I began my research by investigating artists and articles recommended in the unit brief, seeing it as a starting point in my further endeavours into Unit X. The first feature reports how COVID-19 created an existential dilemma for the fashion world with $1000 face masks epitomising an industry consumed by systemic inequality, uncheckedContinue reading “UNIT X RELOADED”

Studio/ Objects, Still Life, Self Portrait

This week we learned about several artists who work with objects, sculpture, and representation in photography. The brief carried an important lesson, that ”even the most seemingly insignificant objects at home can become interesting when appropriated and/or reconsidered through art-making and photography.” The artists we explored are as follows. Pieter Claesz, Still Life with aContinue reading “Studio/ Objects, Still Life, Self Portrait”

AI Street View

For the weekly task of Street View, we were asked to look through any images and create a theme (space /place / colour/ urban / rural), choosing 6-8 images to create a narrative (non) /theme within any genre, fashion, documentary, surreal, abstract, voyeur, domestic POP. We were introduced to a few arists that create inContinue reading “AI Street View”


This weeks task was on the concept of Flâneur. It’s a French term meaning ‘stroller’ or ‘loafer’ used by nineteenth-century French poet Charles Baudelaire (9 April 1821-31 August 1867) to identify an observer of modern urban life. A couple of notions new to me arouse during the meeting. First, is the idea of the flâneur,Continue reading “Flâneur”

Presentation IRVING PENN

For my presentation, I selected a range of photographs representative for an incredibly versatile, pioneering, and ever-evolving photographer Irving Penn. Upon discovering his art, immediately drawn to his vision and the emotion emanating from his images, I connected with it at an instance. What attracts and fascinates me, is the melange of a classical approachContinue reading “Presentation IRVING PENN”

Portrait of a Stranger

I commenced this weeks assignment with my routine method, starting with the research. I studied the works of Louis Daguerre and his famous The Boulevard du Temple photograph of 1838 (considered to be the first photograph to include an image of people), Andre Kertesz – Pictures from my Window (1954), Diane Arbus – Central ParkContinue reading “Portrait of a Stranger”

Creating a narrative, utilising the image to raise questions.

In preparation for the second assignment, I investigated the following artist: Christopher Nun, Hannah Starkey, Gregory Crewdson, Walker Evans, Tracy Emin, Cindy Sherman, and Tom Hunter. I really value the various works of the aforementioned artists which I found inspiring and original. Additionally, I read Hunter’s essay: Under the Influence, which was very encouraging andContinue reading “Creating a narrative, utilising the image to raise questions.”

NEW UNIT: THE FIGURE AND PHOTOGRAPH Self-portrait assignment

Conceptualizing for a self-portrait. In preparation, I researched a range of self-portraits (through Google image search), which stimulated my imagination and inspired numerous ideas. Additionally, I watched several YouTube videos on creative self-portraits that are easy to execute at home. This is one of many which I found helpful. Pro Photographer Takes Photos of Himself!Continue reading “NEW UNIT: THE FIGURE AND PHOTOGRAPH Self-portrait assignment”


I approached this project by investigating further artists, Kurt Schwitters, Pablo Picasso, Tom Lovelace, Lorenzo Vitturi, Robert Rauschenberg, Sarah Sze, Betye Sarr, as well as searching the web for assemblage work and watching videos on Youtube regarding it.I am a massive fan of color. Naturally, I particularly appreciated the practice of Lorenzo Vitturi. I adoreContinue reading “Assemblage”

Ready Made workshop

Today we explored the ‘Ready Made’ during our workshop. I commenced by looking at a few artists for inspiration, Joseph Cornell, Jeff Koons, Hanna Huges (my new favorite), and Joseph Cornell, as well as searching online for orphaned objects art. I wandered around the boat and examined for potential orphaned objects that I could utilizeContinue reading “Ready Made workshop”

Minimalism and Collage

The more I researched the collage artist, the more I was fascinated and inspired by the minimal work that I discovered. Four, sometimes even only two images can create an impressive and powerful art when put together right in a composition. I found particularly stimulating and intriguing the works of Man Ray, John Steazaker, MariContinue reading “Minimalism and Collage”

Ephemeral existence

For this project, I aimed to create a photomontage. I was slightly perplexed where to start as I couldn’t access printers at university due to recent restrictions. Then I realized I have about a million images (no exaggeration) as I mostly do film photography, there were bound to be hundreds of pictures I am notContinue reading “Ephemeral existence”


When creating this piece, I reflected on a tweet I read about recently on Facebook. Someone asked the following question. The general character of responses was quite shocking. Here are some examples: ”Go out without worrying, dress however I want to to go out, go for a walk at night or generally going for aContinue reading “Ilusions”


I have been interested in Collage for quite a while, utilizing this particular medium as an art expression frequently during my spare time. It was such a pleasant surprise that our workshop was collaging. Very handy indeed, considering I own a collage box with a pile of magazines, glue, and scissors. I jumped straight intoContinue reading “Collage”

Introduction to Camera Obscura

What an exciting new project and yet another stimulating activity. In preparation for this project, I researched the following artists: Abelardo Morell, Maciej Markowicz, Marja Pirila, Vera Lutter, Richard Learoyd, Thomas Bachler, Nick Marshall, and Steven Pippin. I was particularly inspired and impressed by the work of Morell, Pippin, and Pirila. I am confident IContinue reading “Introduction to Camera Obscura”

Light and Shadow

Today’s task was light and shadow. I had such an inspired time engaging with the light, variety of objects, and colored paper. I was amazed by the range of stunning images I can create in two meters square space, just through using this technique, and most of all, imagination. I chose the following objects, aContinue reading “Light and Shadow”

Marks of the past

Walking through my current home town New Mills, I noticed an empty building. Golden hour was upon us, and the soft sunlight characteristic to this time of the day was reflecting wonderfully in the window, emphasizing the contours of the poster that was once there.Old folders in the corner of the window, covered in dust,Continue reading “Marks of the past”

Freedom and absence

Everyday routine, a little pill that transformed everything for women, I understand it’s controversial and obviously far from perfect to be ingesting hormones every day of my life, but this is not what I want to discuss. I want to talk about how the absence of life that could exist is the source of myContinue reading “Freedom and absence”

Absence analasis

When I looked around the boat, I evoked the examples presented in the guidance for this project, particularly the work of Tom Lovelace – the noticeboard bleached by the sun. Immediately I found a perfect candidate, a poster that has been blu tacked to the oven lid for a few years. I never remove itContinue reading “Absence analasis”


The rubbed out code on the marina gate where I reside, a signature trademark of human presence and behavior. Since the cipher didn’t change for years, buttons took such an impact from fingers typing in it is clearly visible which combination of numbers make up the code. What I find fascinating about it is aContinue reading “Code”


Vanishing and ephemeral steam on a bathroom mirror became the subsequent object of my attention for the task. Stains, splats, and prints only visible when condensated water reached the surface, creating an abstract image. I found it fascinating to observe how much more and more of the background was revealing itself when steam was evaporatingContinue reading “Steam”


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Diesel, a human trace of the worst kind. Living on a narrowboat above all means being close to nature, and it is one of the reasons why I choose and appreciate this unique lifestyle. Sadly it is not as idyllic as it seems. Unquestionably, there is a tremendous amount of wildlife, proximity to the elementsContinue reading “Poison”

Conceptualizing for project ‘Marks and traces, presence and absence’

It is just getting more and more engaging. I spent some time conceptualizing the project, focusing on thinking outside the box. Nonetheless, it is hard not to see the obvious right in front of you. I strive for originality, as I imagine any artist does, but this made me think. There must be some magicContinue reading “Conceptualizing for project ‘Marks and traces, presence and absence’”


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