abstract reality

I was a silent witness to the world’s beauty that was brought to life by the illumination of light. I have found the voice to speak to you about the exquisiteness I am experiencing, and I hope that equipped with it, I can draw with light the magnitude of this world so we can recognize and awe in it together.

In my project – ABSTRACT REALITY – I explore the art of the subconscious mind, which I consider a gateway to the most unadulterated form of expression. Visceral memory creates bizarre and mesmerizing images, so exceptionally open to interpretation that they absorb original meaning with every person and connect deeply, inciting sensations of all sorts. I find the notion of infinite interpretations captivating and liberating, and I want to bring it to existence through my photographs. I am fascinated by Freudian influence on surrealism and futurism – the theory of the unconscious, and I am significantly influenced by geometry ubiquitous in all art forms, investigating the fascinating symbiosis between it, the abstract, and the mind. I manifest it through black and white photography, working predominantly with 35mm and medium format cameras, I employ the reality and the light within it to create my ABSTRACT REALITY images, where I don’t interfere with the image at all in order to make it abstract, I just patiently observe and notice the abstract within the reality with my tools at hand.
I choose the analogue approach as it reflects my interest in ephemeral (that photography tries to find answers to), imperfect, wabi-sabi and collaboration with a chance.

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