Changing focus

In one of the previous entries, I mentioned how surprised I was to end up with observations that the photograph I have taken led me to. This picture is similarly a product of an unplanned approach, and following my eye as well as embracing mistakes.

I noticed a herbal infusion steaming on the hob, beams of sunlight hitting the pot. I took my camera and began shooting an intriguing arrangement. However, my eye caught a different, potentially attractive composition. A cloud of smoke coming from the incense above the sink in the kitchen. I followed that lead only to stumble upon a lavender and its reflection in the window.

I am fascinated with herbalism as a form of alternative medicine. If there is one remedial herb that represents my home, it is lavender. You will find it scattered all over the boat, resting in pots, bags, and hanging on the walls and ceilings. As my eye wandered towards it, I thought it is a relevant portrayal of my home and interests as well as a method of going with the flow.

As I was shooting, the autofocus incidentally focused on the reflection instead of on the lavender in the foreground. I decided to keep it this way to stay true to the project method. Smudges of smoke in the background add a nice touch to the impermanence of the image.

Published by Elzbieta Skorska

My name is Elzbieta Skorska. I am a second-year photography student degree at MMU.

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