Concepting for the Summer Project – mistakes/mishaps/letting go of the control

I started the summer project by answering some questions posed in the activity. Thought about what home means to me and what defines it. Has that changed over the hardship of lockdown?

I moved around a lot since I left Poland at 23. I hitch-hiked around Europe on my own for a few years, during which I lived all over France and traveled the continent. I have never felt a sense of belonging, but it depends on how you interpret it. I see it as being bonded in the way that there is only one place where you feel at home. I always experienced a sense of connection wherever I went. I will never forget stepping out of the car at 6 am in Amsterdam after I hitch-hiked there from Poland and not feeling scared, even though I was alone, just comfortable and excited about what was to come, relaxed into my new temporary residence.

I get attached to the place, but I can leave everything behind and start a new adventure, a new life without looking back, like a chameleon, a citizen of the world. I thought back to that when analyzing my attitude towards my home and what it represents to me. Why this home and not others?

For a significant and very influential part of my life, I was a part of punk culture, DIY attitude, as well as a hippy culture, from which shone through self-sufficiency and battle with the system of debt and the ‘black hole’ of renting. Deep need for independence, an alternative. I squatted for a couple of years, then lived in a camper van to eventually end up settling on a narrowboat. Purely in the name of autonomy and conquering the system that oppresses everyday hard-working people. There is a profound meaning, a definite set of beliefs, and a philosophy to choosing this lifestyle.

Hopefully, with this in mind, I will be able to deliver a series of photographs that will represent me and my space amid making mistakes and pushing myself to abandon my ego. Let the creativity and imagination play its part, have fun, and see what will materialize.

The possibilities are endless.

I believe that the idea of Wabi-sabi is the essence of this project. I find it very fascinating and unrestricted.

A very thought-provoking video that explains the concept and the history of Wabi-sabi aesthetics.

An inspirational Youtube video about the importance of imperfections, really worth a watch.

Published by Elzbieta Skorska

My name is Elzbieta Skorska. I am a second-year photography student degree at MMU.

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